Disinfection and Sanitization Services

Disinfection and Sanitization Services

The Professional Disinfection & Sanitisation Services in Dubai & Sharjah

Our disinfection & Sanitization service is suitable for residential and commercial areas (Staff accommodation, school, warehouse, villas, hospital, home, office, workshop, warehouse and gym). Lamp Pest Control provides disinfection services of the highest quality. Our cleaning experts determine the concentration prior to carrying out ULV fogging of your place with the alcohol-free disinfectants covering a wide area. We even disinfect hard-to-access places without direct surface contact.

It is known to all of us that Coronavirus or COVID-19 was a nightmare for the entire human race. Still the threat is not over. You are at risk everywhere whether it is an apartment, villa, office and mansions. The risk of infection is present everywhere. With the help of office disinfection services Dubai, you can stay happy and healthy. It is the duty of the management to make their official space safe for the employees, visitors and customers. Since a threat like coronavirus is highly infectious, special attention must be paid to disinfect and sanitize official and residential settings.

The professional team of Lamp Pest Control employs promising and latest techniques to make sure all viruses, bacterias, pathogens and germs are exterminated with the help of hospital-grade disinfectants. Through our effective techniques, we manage to kill 99.9% and make sure the surrounding space is hygienic for everyone. We aim to help people and make their life simpler. You cannot evade from your duty of ensuring complete safety and hygiene. Take care of your health and wellbeing by eliminating all allergens and invisible enemies. Threats like coronavirus are lethal. So, it is very necessary to take appropriate steps.

Targeted Disinfectant service area

● Door Handle/ Lock/ Knobs
● Office Chair / Table
● Toys
● Kitchen wares (e.g. stove)
● Furnitures
● Glasses of office
● Wall
● Floor
● Toilet bowl / sink
● Mouse / Keyboard
● High Touch Surfaces

Residential & Commercial Disinfection and Sanitization in Dubai

Prevention is the best medicine everybody knows. Healthy workers and customers mean a healthier top line to your business. Avail our service if you are looking for the best disinfection company in Dubai. When the customers and workers are healthy, it automatically extends some benefit to the business.

Following are the benefits of opting for best disinfection Dubai service -

❖ Reduced probability of catching a cold or flu by 89.9%
❖ Reduction in contaminated surfaces by 89.9%
❖ Reduction in absenteeism by 80.9%

Lamp Pest Control makes use of best technology to protect the clients. We are committed to protect you. Our proprietary electrostatic application system always works. We can cut the time necessary to disinfect but our team manages to cover 100% area. We can easily and effectively disinfect any surface in the area.

Disinfection and Sanitization Services are effective against viruses and bacteria alike

Lamp Pest Control is a well known, municipality approved disinfection service in Dubai. Our company makes use of the latest anti bacterial Disinfectant that destroys airborne viruses and bacterias. We leave no stone unturned to promote safety at your commercial space. Our disinfection service can neutralize:

● Influenza
● Different types of viruses
● Coronavirus
Disinfection Service Charge In Dubai & Sharjah  
1. Starting Price AED 150 
2.  As Per Area and SQ feet Price  will Selected , Please call our Help line for Disinfection & Sanitization Price .
Working Time : 
Our Disinfection Services Available 24 House Across Dubai , Sharjah & Ajman. Also You can book your Disinfection on Friday & other Public Holidays . Hot line 0508676105 

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