Sofa Shampooing

Sofa Shampooing

Sofa Shampooing  Sharjah - Dubai -Ajman 
We use imported cleaning chemical specific for sofa shampooing. Our responsible and professional cleaning staff fulfill their responsibly carefully without any damages of furniture. Our experienced cleaning staff make sofa shampooing and cleaning by hand with carefully and remove the spots and dust in sofa.
Professional Sofa Cleaning Services 
Sofas, lounge chairs, office chairs and dining chairs are in everyday use, and is regularly need Shampooing by Professional Cleaning Services to: 

A. Dirt & Allergens
B. Germs & Bacteria
C. Stains & Odours
D. Fleas & Dustmites

Yes , when we are out of our homes or offices, we will be sitting on the bus, MRT, coffee shops and other public places and back on our office chairs and sofas.

So it becomes unavoidable that we are accumulating dirt in our chairs and sofas. Having Clean Care to professionally maintain the cleanliness of your upholstery, it will not only benefit you but also your family, friends, colleagues and customers. Our sofa cleaning services in Singapore are cost-effective that ensures you a dirt-free sofa at your home or work.

What We  Provide
Not only does Clean Clear provides a cleaning solution on your upholstery at home, but we also perform sanitation on fabric upholstery for yachts, mattress headboards and office fabrics.

Treatment Of Dustmite Provide
Maintain an allergy and dust mite-free environment at your home with Clean Care's professional deep cleaning solution. We ensure that dust mite and flea infestation are gone for good!

Stain Cleaning treatment
Clean Care’s experience & knowledge in dealing with different stains assures you that those spots in your upholstery or stains on your garments are removed without a trace.

Call for Services & Prices
1. Our Starting price for sofa Cleaning AED 200 ,  it very as per how many sitter sofa want to Cleaning
2. Call  or Whatsapp on 050-8676105 , we are open 8am to 6 pm all days of week
3. Service City : Sharjah , Ajman , Dubai, Umm Al Quawin, Ras Al Khaima ,  


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