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Pest Control Services Ajman, Dubai

Get the best eco friendly pest protection for your Home & Business

Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Services is a leading company serving in Dubai. The municipalities of Ajamn and Dubai have approved our services. All our operations are conducted under the supervision of skilled, trained and experienced staff.

We provide the best pest control services without charging the clients exorbitantly -
  • Bed bugs pest control
  • Cockroach’s pest control
  • Mosquito’s pest control
  • Termite Control
  • Rodent Control
  • Beetle Control
  • Fleas Pest Control
  • Ants Pest Control
  • Snake Pest Control
  • Flies control services
  • Rats Pest control
  • Ticks Pest Control
  • Fleas Pest Control
  • Mite Pest Control
  • Fruit Flies Pest Control
  • Pre Construction Anti Termite
  • Post Construction Anti Termite
  • Wasps Pest Control
  • Bee Pest Control.

Pest control in Dubai - bringing relief from unwelcomed nuisance

At Lamp Pest Control, we begin delivering solutions after comprehensive planning. All aspects and possible factors contributing to the problem are involved in the process of drafting a solution. It is followed by analyzing the possible preventive and control methods. The problem of pest infestation can be effectively checked with meticulous planning. As one of the best pest control services in Dubai, we execute our responsibilities in careful manner and vehemently check the growth of harmful organisms.

Pests are present almost everywhere. These tiny invaders are present in the air, cupboards, carpets. Probably, you will note that these small nuisances are present at every nook or corner. Dubai is a booming metropolis and an emerging hub of business. Hence, there is immense demand for pest control services in Dubai. Lamp Pest Control aims to eradicate such problems by utilizing best industry practices. Apart from neutralizing this threat, it is also equally important to trace reasons contributing to the growth of this problem.

Rodents, cockroaches, bedbugs can trigger serious health problems. To make things worse, these unwelcome guests can also spoil the name of your business. We leave no stone unturned to fix the problem as one of the best pest control services in Dubai. The residents and occupants of properties must maintain hygiene. Accumulation of garbage must be checked. Contact us immediately if you are watching the movement of rodents, ants, spiders and other pests.

Pest Control Dubai

Avail our services for effective Pest control in Ajman

It does not matter whether you are residing in villa, apartment or a well-furnished flat. An army of bugs, rodents and insects can intrude in your personal space. They can become a source of infection and diseases. To be on safer side, eliminate these irritating creatures before they pose any safety threat. Come to us If you are searching for best Pest control in Ajman. It is human tendency to perceive termites, rodents, flies, bed bugs and cockroaches as inferior threats. Unfortunately, these creatures are fully capable of inflicting problems. Lamp Pest Control understands that neutralizing such threats is extremely necessary. Keep your surroundings clean and avail our services to adopt a healthy life. We are fully certified professional experts. If you are actively looking for reliable pest control Ajman then allow us to eradicate these tiny but troublesome creatures.

Pest Control Ajman



Two main type of Cockroaches across Dubai, Sharjah. American and German cockroaches. Control of cockroaches using spray and Gel Treatment. Cockroaches carry diseases to food.


Bed bugs is blood sucking insect from human and animal body. Most of the cases it appears in night. Bed bugs fecal and bloody sports ( rust ) are left on sheets , Mattress and pillows.


Several type of ants Across Dubai , Shajrah ,Ajman etc . Ants are a Social insects that lives in colonies. Spray and gel Treatment is required to killing the entire colony.


Three type of rodent are House mouse, Roof Rats and Norway Rats.rats are not only home but supermarket , restaurants ,factory & warehouse. Damage valuable thing.


Termites are silent destroyer; we can bear a heavy loss due to termite. Wood is favorite food of termite. If you are facing termite infestation, you should do important measures for getting rid urgently.


Mosquitoes Control is important reduce mosquitos around your home, villas , Building or Contraction site. Mosquitos carry diseases like malaria, dangue fever, yellow fever etc.We offer a mosquito declining program.


Flies control can used insecticide liquid, insecticide dusts, Fly Traps, Fogging materials, fly bits and Fly Electronic killer. Saver type of flies like Home Flies, Blow flies, Fruit flies across UAE.


Type of wasps is social wasps and solitary wasps. Social wasps are yellow Jackets, Hornets, Paper wasps. Wasps build their next from wood fibers .Wasps are inactive during the winter months.


QUALITY Guarantee

10 year of Experience and Using Approved Pesticide which safe for Children & Pregnancy. We Promises that we try our best to Wiped out your entire Pest at a time.



Our All Pest Control Specialist are Trained by Municipality to give you Quality Pest Control Treatment.



Lamp Pest Control Offer Reason able Prices for Residential, Commercial, Industrial premises to get rid of Effectively All Pests after Complimentary Consultation.


Lamp pest control Provide yearly or Annual Pest Control According to Municipality’s Instruction ,
we have Expert Pest Control team for Day and Night For Yours :

  • Restaurant
  • Hotel
  • Office
  • Villas
  • Cafeteria
  • Grocery
  • Supermarket
  • Hypermarket
  • Nursery
  • Accommodation
  • Warehouse
  • Building
  • Factory’s
  • Catering Services
  • Mall
  • Showrooms
  • School
  • University’s
  • Hospital
  • Government Office
  • Vessels
  • Shops
  • Fruited and vegetable market
  • Clinic
  • Ship
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