Cockroaches Control Dubai

Cockroaches Control Dubai

Cockroaches Pest Control Services In Sharjah, Dubai

Cockroaches are a common problem in apartments, flats, mansions and villas. Our team is fully competent to eliminate cockroaches. It is known to us that cockroaches transmit deadly diseases. Lamp Pest Control has a very skilled team that can effectively eliminate the presence of pests. Our cockroaches pest control Dubai team works in a systematic process. After we take things in hand, our experts leave no stone unturned to expel the pests.
The best cockroaches pest control services
Control of cockroaches Dubai, Sharjah & Ajman
Your home, apartment, office can get infected by cockroaches, and it often becomes very difficult to control them. It is impossible to control cockroach infestation through simple tricks. Just call our professional experts who are licensed and fully capable of dealing with this threat.
Insecticide Spray Treatment
A specialized insecticide is sprayed in the hiding places of the cockroaches such as trash cans, cracks in the wall, vents, and drainage areas. It is usually seen that cockroaches breed in warm and damp areas.
Cockroach traps
These traps are used to control cockroaches. It contains an adhesive material as the bait. As soon as the cockroaches enter the trap to taste the bait, they get entrapped by the adhesive. Our cockroaches pest control Dubai techniques are promising. 
Cockroach bait/cockroaches gel treatment
The cockroach bait contains a chemical gel that acts as a slow poison. Pastes and gels are mostly used as baits. The bait does not produce results immediately, and it can take a few days. Baits are effective for long-term cockroach control. The baits should be purposely placed at hidden spots, away from pets and small children.
Liquid concentrates
The liquid concentrate acts as a poison, a deterrent for the cockroaches. It keeps away cockroaches for several weeks. The liquid concentrate can be sprayed on walls and potential nests of the cockroach.
Prevention of the cockroach is necessary
Through preventive measures, it is possible to control the population of the cockroach. You should take necessary care and maintain hygiene to reduce cockroach infestation. There are some additional tips as well:
  • Maintain proper hygiene in external and internal sections of the property. It effectively limits the growth of the cockroach population
  • Clean the dishes, kitchen utensils after usage
  • Cover the food
  • Clean up the spilled liquid
  • Use window screens
  • Eliminate all possible hiding spots of the cockroaches 
  • Area beneath furniture, cabinets, sinks, stoves and refrigerator should be cleaned
  • Dump kitchen waste after a frequent interval
  • Clean garbage cans, tacks and slabs on a regular basis
  • Store dry pet food in a tight container 
  • Dispose the leftover pet food
  • Ensure cockroaches are not receiving access to food and water
If you are looking for cockroaches pest control in Sharjah, look no further than Lamp Pest Control.

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