Rat and Rodent Control

Rat and Rodent Control

Rats And Mice Pest Control

The best rats and mice pest control service in Dubai
Rats are small creatures, but they create big trouble in our life. They contaminate food, destroy furniture, damage valuable property, create a mess in the kitchen and even transit diseases. Hence, rodent pest control should be given a top priority. Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Service is ready to serve you. Finding and eliminating rodents is never easy. You need experts like us to get rid of them. Our team makes use of the latest techniques and products to deliver outstanding results.
Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Service understands that the presence of rodents creates difficulties in life. We offer effective rodent pest control service at an affordable price. Our team leaves no stone unturned to make your home free from rodents, rats and mice. The types of rats commonly found in Dubai are:
● Roof rats
● House rats
● Norway rats
The signs of rodent infestation:
● The presence of droppings on the floor and cupboards
● Scratching signs
● Signs of damage on carpet, furniture and documents
● Signs of chewing
● Holes in doors and walls
● Disturbing odor that comes from unknown locations
Tips to prevent rodent infestation
● Deny them food, water and shelter
● Seal all the entry points
● Seal the holes that are present in the walls and doors
● Check your doors, windows and vents
● Remove clutter, debris and waste products
Rats can be a source of deadly diseases
Rats not only damage property and belongings, they also spread deadly diseases such as murine typhus, rat bite fever, hantavirus pulmonary syndrome, leptospirosis, etc.
Elimination of rodents
Our team inspects the entire property, creates a strategy and then deploy the necessary measures to ensure safety of your family. We initially search for rodent activity, seal entrance points. Our team makes use of traps and rodenticide baits to eliminate all types of rodents.
We are known for providing the best rats and mice pest control service. Lamp Pest Control and Cleaning Service has the best team for the job. Call us and learn more about our effective pest control service.

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