Rat and Rodent Control

Rat and Rodent Control

Rats Pest Control Service in UAE 
In UAE climate mice and rats are one of the most dominant pests. Because their breeding cycle is short and birth sizes are larges. They can consume a wide variety of foodstuffs which further boosts their development and growth.

Types of Rats
Rats Live and Thrive in a wide variety of Climates and Conditions . we often foundin around home , Building , Factories , warehouse , Restaurant , Office , Open yard , Shop , Supermarket and Malletc . Rats are Different Type Can be
* Mice
* Roof Rats
* Norway Rats

Rat Transmitted Diseases
The mice and rats’ presence and their droppings are not only unhygienic, but can also spread and transmit diseases. So they can carry up to thirty-five diseases that humans and pets are susceptible too , so it eliminate Several treatment are offer Lamp pest Control

The Blow Diseases are transmitted via Rats
* Salmonellosis
* Hantavirus Pulmonary Syndrome
* Murine Typhus
* Rat Bite Fever
* Leptospirosis
* Eosinophilia Meningitis

Call to LAMP PEST CONTROL – No More Rats
Once you Call a Lamp Pest Control or Rodent Control Expert , They know how to Control it . No need to Worry About your Rodent Problem. Our Expert will Solve your Problem by Professionally.Book online or call 055 8588417

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