Do you think you do not share your home with anyone
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Do you think you do not share your home with anyone

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If you think that you are the only occupant of your property or home then you are absolutely wrong, though you are hygiene enthusiast, it is not going to guarantee you that even your jewellery box is safe from the intruders or unwanted visitors called pests. Do not get upset from the problem of Some of these pests are spiders, bed bugs, carpet beetles, rodents and termites etc. There are the long lists of the intruders that may tamper your house and generally it is noticed by the human occupants before it is too late.
Down some of the world wide pests from ant’s category are discussed below:
Odorous House & Argentine Ants
Odorous house ants are the common home intruders, and they prefer to nest in moist and dark places. Generally these ants are moved from outdoor to indoor during the rainy weather, and they are found in black and brown colour, while their males that are winged can be seen during May to June. The other identity is that on getting crushed it releases the unpleasant smell of the stale or off coconut. Get pest control services Dubai!
Argentine ants have many similarities with Odorous House ants, but the Argentine ants are not found commonly as Odorous House Ants. The argentine can grow into the bigger the population, and they are found in dark and light shades of the brown colours. Lamp UAE a pest control company UAE is going to solve your problems!
These are controlled with help of spray applied into the crevices and cracks and with the help of baits. These both have common workers extended to the eight part of an Inch.
Carpenter Ants
These ant species nests into the water soaked woods but they do not consume it, and the favourable conditions for these ants are poor ventilation or damped & moist vicinity. The excavations by these ants are done through the woods to nurture their offspring. The remains of these ants in the form of body parts and carcasses mixed with the carpenter’s wood wastes indicate that these ants dwell in the vicinity somewhere.
These Ants can be controlled with the help of dusts, sprays and baits. If the nests are found they can be plundered and the wood can be repaired. Lamp UAE is famous for the best disinfection service Dubai
Needle Ants of Asia
The majority of these ants have wings and are able to sting as well. Workers are the fifth size of an inch while the queens are fourth size of an inch. These ants do not throng, and both they forage and they can be eliminated with the help of specific anti ant gel. The good sanitary practices should be applied to avoid these conditions. Contact a pest control company Dubai for the office disinfection services Dubai.

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