5 Signs You Have a Termites in Your Area
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5 Signs You Have a Termites in Your Area

Having termites in your home is a very big problem and if you are taking it lightly till now then it's time to stop it and take pest control services Dubai from the leading service provider. Termites can cause major damage to your property without you even getting to know about it. They create a disturbance in your home or in your office and business area that will cause you structural damage and other things. Your furniture and structure all things are very costly and difficult to repair and this is why you should get services from the leading service provider. If you are someone who is ignoring the signs of termites then it's time to stop it because we have mentioned the signs for your reference.
What are the Signs of Termites
1. Wood Damage:
Termites are the ones who eat the wood and if you notice any damage in your furniture and their structure then there is a high chance of termites in your home. Check the area where the wood appears to be hollowed. You will get to notice small holes in the wood which are the entry and exit points of the termites. You can also check by tapping on the wood and if the wood is producing a hollow sound then it represents that termites have already entered your home.
2. Mud Tubes:
Subterranean termites are the ones who build up the mud tubes to provide moisture and protection in their area because they travel through there and also for their food source. Mud tubes are generally found in the foundation of your area whether it's your home, office, or anything. They can also be present in basements and attics.
3. Swarmer’s:
Termite Swarmer’s are the one who emerges from the mature colonies to establish the new colonies. They are usually found in the areas of windows, doors, and light sources. If you notice them then this is a clear sign that your area requires cleaning and you have to contact the termite control company Dubai instantly.
4. Discarded Wings:
Swarmer’s are reproductive termites so when they find a suitable location for themselves, they shed their wings and start mating. These discarded wings were later found in windowsills, doors, and other entry points. If you notice these discarded wings then this is a very common sign that termites are already available in your area.
5. Tight-Fitting Doors and Windows:
Have you recently noticed that your door or window is not opening properly with the proper smoothness, If yes, then this work is done by the termites. They damage the wood and create moisture, resulting in damaging the structure of the wood. If you notice these types of things in your home or in your office then contact immediately the best company for Pest control Dubai and they will be able to help you through their quality equipment, professional team, and experience just like us.

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