Ant Infestation in properties in UAE
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Ant Infestation in properties in UAE

The presence of ants is not as discomforting as rodents or roaches, but it surely is disturbing enough. You have to get rid of them nevertheless as some types of ants can cause notable damage to property and belongings. These tiniest creatures can easily get inside your home and make it their shelter without coming to notice. Since they are quite small in size, it is difficult to control their breeding or find their nests. It is common to have ants in houses or buildings in UAE however, it becomes alarming only when they start causing damage to the property or belonging. In such a case, you need to take some precautionary measures to get rid of them effectively. You can also seek the help of a reliable pest control company Dubai like Lamp UAE to get rid of those stubborn types of ants that have created havoc on your property.
In most cases, ants look for shelter and food particles to dwell on in various properties. However, some species can cause serious damage to the property. Below is given some of the most problematic types of ants;
Argentine Ants
These ants invade houses in search of food and attack any food such as meats, eggs, fats, etc. However, they love to feast on sweets and attack any sweets they find in their access. If you have got an infestation of Argentine ants in your house, you would notice an ant attack on any sort of uncovered sweet you have in the house.
Carpenter Ants
The type of ants is mostly found news world. They love to make their nests in softened or decayed wood. They usually come to the building through cracks, holes, or gaps. You can mostly find them near tree stumps, barks, old furniture, old windows, and so on. Though they pose no danger to humans, they can cause significant damage to wooden goods in the house.
Odorous House Ants
These types of ants can be found both indoors and outdoors. If crushed, these ants release a strong stench. They are always in search of sweet or food crumbs to store and show their presence while moving on a straight path. They grow in number during the rainy season and take shelter below stones, shallow soils, debris, etc.
Fire Ants
Fire ants are known for their painful stings. If they feel threatened by humans, they bite which is often quite painful. They are mostly found outdoors and make their nests in sandy areas.
Pavement Ants
As the name shows, pavement ants are mostly found under the cracks in the pavement. They eat anything from seeds, meat, and nuts, to other insects.
So now you know what kind of ants have infested your property and if they pose enough danger to be eliminated. Hire the help of pest control services Dubai to get rid of all types of ants from your house.

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