Ticks Control

Ticks Control


Color: Color varies by species.
Size Of Ticks : Adults can be smaller than a sunflower seed (over 1.5 cm long if engorged with blood), while tick larvae can be less than 1 mm.
Legs of Tick :Ticks have only six legs during their larval stage and eight legs during their nymphal and adult stages.

Ticks are look tiny pests that can cause serious problems for pets and humans in Dubai like Jumeirah, Jumeirah Park, palm Jumeirah, Arabian Ranches , Mira etc . This area has lot of Pet Animal. A tick can attach to your skin and start feeding off of your blood without you even noticing that it’s there. LAMP Pest control experts say the small size and behavior of ticks make it easy for them to find and attach to a host. Ticks are a threat to humans because they have the ability to spread serious diseases. This pest is known to live in wooded areas throughout Dubai,. To protect your home , business or garden from ticks, you need to learn about the behavior of this pest, take steps for prevention, and find effective treatment options should an infestation occur.

Inspection & Identification of Tick.
 The first step your Lamp pest control technician takes is to inspect the property
 Check inside and outside the home including the clothing & Furniture

What Do Tick Eat?
The Females and males feed on blood of birds, and reptiles.ticks are known to bite:
• Cats and Dogs
• Deer
• Humans
• Livestock
How Do I Prevent Ticks From my home & Business in Dubai & Sharjah
Tick prevention includes a combination of outdoor maintenance efforts, personal protection, and intervention or recommendations from a pest control expert in Dubai, . Ticks thrive in wooded areas. Also you can call anytime . we are open 7 days a week including Friday . Call on 0508676105

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Ticks Control Price in Dubai 
Starting Price AED 200  

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