Ants Pest Control Dubai

Ants Pest Control Dubai

Municipality Approved Ant’s pest Control For your Home and Business 
Controlling of Ants is big difficult task for all of pest control companies. This Small Common Pests is known to find the smallest hole or Cracks. Sweet item or Greasy Food of Small bit just enough to attract ants. According to dubai& Sharjah municipality Ants are the top one nuisance pest in UAE.
Lampuae specializes in Complete ants Removal and Control services all over Dubai , Sharjah & Ajman . Why need to Control Ants
1. Food Contamination
2. Ants bite humans
3. Property Damage
Ants Pest Control For Villa, Flats ,Office in  Ajman Dubai, Sharjah Ants Infection could be a big problem, it depending on which type of ants is dealing. in UAE Several Type of Ants are available .
*  Sugar Ants:These Ants are little black or brown ants can see around you. Sugar Ants 1/10 to 1/8 inch long. This Ants prefer to feed sweet foods .Super ants problem outdoor mostly abut indoor rooms , kitchen , washroom, toilet etc also come . Sugar Ants straying with large number of Colony.

*  Carpenter Ants: The Carpenter Ants is common across UAE – Dubai, Sharjah, Ajman .This Type of Ants we can see in Villas, Schools, Garden on near of wood area . Carpenter Ants Netsin logs , stumpsand hollow trees .

*  Fair Ants: Naturally get in the Ground. They stray in large colonies .Fair ants very active forceful. Fair Ants eats meats & sweet materials.

How to get rid of Ants ?
Ants Control have several method .Gel Baits is one of method which ants find gel baits and carry it back to their nest and feed the queen as well . so it eliminate all .

Also have Insecticide Residual spray, it water base treatment to be spray on infection area
If you are looking for ants pest control in Dubai and sharjah than most welcome lapmuae. we have experienced team that provide you best pest control services in Dubai and sharjah 

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