Shoo away the flies
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Shoo away the flies

Many remedies are used across households to repel the flies which are beneficial for short-term effects. The best way to repel flies is to not provide them with safe heavens to breed and grow. Many households restore to take help from pest control companies Dubai when the situation gets out of control.
However, if preemptive measures are taken at the initial phase, you can successfully control the spread of flies in your home. Flies are known to be responsible for contaminating food which later causes the spread of several life-taking diseases such as cholera, high fever, dysentery, e.coli, typhoid, etc. The disease-causing viruses and bacteria are attached to the legs and body of the flies and they transmit it to the food when they land on it. So, it is of utmost important hire to Disinfection services Dubai keep your house clean of the flies to stay safe from such deadly diseases. Here are some tips that you can adopt at home to shoo away the flies.

Make Fly Traps
Make a trap to attract bulks of flies to a place outside your house. Make a mixture of sugar and water to attract flies as flies prefer to attack sweet food. You can use the repellent spray at this point to kill the flies in one place.
Use Nets
Never leave your food or drinks open, instead use net covers and lids to cover the food well. The net covers are beneficial as they don’t block the necessary air but prevent the food from getting attacked by the flies. Search for a narrow net lid in the market to protect your food well.
Net doors
Block the entry points of flies and install doors made of the net along with the actual doors. The net doors are great for ventilation as well as keeping the flies and other insects entering the house.
Light Traps
You can also use light traps installed at entry points to attract the flies and kill them with an electric zap. You can install the light trap near the entry doors or windows to control flies from entering the house.
Use plants
Flies are allergic to certain plants, flowers, and herbs such as basil, marigold, lavender, bay leaves, etc. Their flowers and herbs work effectively to ber the flies entering the house. Moreover, you can use Venus flytrap, a deadly carnivorous plant that eats away the flies.
Use Insecticide and repellents
If the infestation is serious and getting out of control, then you must use chemically infused repellent sprays to repel flies away. Such sprays are commonly available across markets and stores to be used at home. You can also take the help of a professional pest control company Dubai to thoroughly spray that insecticides at each and every corner of your house so that the flies keep away for a long term.

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