What eats the wood
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What eats the wood

Wood has been in use in the building for years for the making of doors and window panes. It gives a traditional and cozy look to the buildings. However, it is vulnerable to the attack of many insects that either love to make a home in the wood or eat it to fill their tiny tummies. There are many types of tiny insects residing within the wood that you won’t even notice their presence. They are experts in eating the wood from within and you would only come to know of their presence when your wooden door or window will bear holes on its surface. By then the door or window would have become hollow from inside. So you must keep using the Disinfection service without waiting for the insects to show their presence. Below are some of the common wood-eater insects.

Termites are the real enemies of the wood. A specific component inside wood, cellulose, is what drives their hunger made. Once they have managed to infest your building, they will just devour anything containing cellulose such as furniture, cupboards, windows, books, books, wallpaper, fabric to feed their gigantic colonies. If you notice discolored drywall, peeling paint in your home that resembles water damage, or squeaky floorboards, then it means the termites have infested your home.
Powder Post Beetles
Powder Post Beetles are famous pests boring the wood for inside. They make numerous small holes inside the wood and leave a trace of a fine dusting of a saw-dust material. They use these holes for their commute within the wood. The stocks of old wood are their favorite spots and they mostly nestle in the stored piles of wooden stocks. It is recommended to not store the wooden valuables in storage facilities like barns and sheds as they are the breeding grounds of powder post beetles.
Carpenter Ants
The Carpenter Ants use the wood to make their homes. They are not the wood-eaters but your uninvited and tenants. They halve the wood to make their places. They prefer the moist wood already damaged by mold and humidity.
Wood Borers
Wood borers are commonly found in trees, log cabins are those builders who use wooden planks to develop wooden homes. They make the damages mostly in freshly-cut trees. If the wood is not properly processed before installation, it can cause serious damage to the entire structure of the house. However, the timely service of pest control companies Dubai can eradicate these damaging insects.

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